There are many reasons one may use a journal – to remember a special event, plot out a new novel or simply doodle to pass the time. But did you know that keeping your mind active through journalling can help your mental health?

May is Mental Health Month – a time to remember that health doesn’t just cover the physical. Every year since 1949, Mental Health America and its partners have led the way in bringing mental health awareness to people around the world. This year they are taking a special look at the way that mind and body fitness can work together in creating a holistically healthy lifestyle.

So how can your journal help?

It Encourages You to Spend Time in Nature

Getting outside in the fresh air and natural light does wonder for your health, but sometimes it can be awkward or uninviting to go outside without an activity in mind. Taking your journal for a walk in the woods, along the beach or to a nearby park combines the therapeutic benefits of journalling with some crucial Vitamin D.

It Provides Time for Personal Reflection

Writing a journal when you first wake up or just before bed gives you a set schedule for some “me time” – an important aspect of mental health that can often be neglected. Try a new habit like Morning Pages or nightly gratitude journalling to take time to recharge creatively and reflect on the positives in your life. This sort of ritual that separates your waking life from your private, sleep time can also help with issues like insomnia, a major cause (and symptom) of poor mental health.

It Holds You Accountable

A big part of fitness – mental and physical – is a healthy diet. Getting the proper nutrition provides key ingredients needed to keep your mind and body healthy. Keeping a fitness diary can help you set proactive goals, and stick to them. By writing down your plans for a healthy lifestyle you are more likely to not only remember your good intentions, but be held accountable to them.

Are you ready to make a change? Mental Health America is challenging people to make one small change each day to create positive impacts on their overall health.

Take the Challenge

How has journalling affected your mental and physical fitness?

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