The life of a writer can be hard. Whether you are struggling to “make it” while balancing your regular job with your writing, or if have found some success but now must focus on maintaining it, the lack of regular hours, paycheques and regular reviews can leave you feeling unsettled and even disempowered. So after an overall pretty rough 2016, rather than suggesting some resolutions to up your writing game we’re offering ten tips that will help you focus on the fundamentals of storytelling and how to accomplish them in a healthy way.

A Writer’s New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I will make the time for writing, even if it means letting the dishes wait until tomorrow
  2. I will say “no” to unproductive distractions
  3. I will remember my readers and what they will relate to
  4. I will have a clear beginning, middle and – especially – end so my readers’ aren’t left with “so what?”
  5. I will remember to show, not tell, when it comes to depicting a character’s emotions
  6. I will embrace my own writing style, not try to force myself into someone else’s
  7. I will accept the advice and support from my friends, family and mentors
  8. I will remember that books aren’t written overnight (and even the ones that are, have months of research, planning or daydreaming behind them)
  9. I will dress for the job I want, and this means proudly calling myself a writer
  10. I will make my health (mental and physical) a priority over reaching a lofty writing goal

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