What’s that they say about the road to hell? Oh right, it’s paved with New Year’s Resolutions.

It seems that every year we vow to do things better, make healthier lifestyle choices and just all-around succeed. And come every February we end up idling guiltily on the couch eating the giant Toblerones we bought in all the post-Christmas sales. Beat the post-holiday blues this year by crafting a list of “can’t miss” resolutions. Starting January 1st, 2016, try these easy changes you can make to your writing habits that will leave you feeling accomplished, not overwhelmed.

New Year’s Writing Resolutions

  1. I will read everything I can get my hands on
  2. I will add a copy of Strunk and White’s Elements of Style to my personal library
  3. I will try the difficult Sunday crossword puzzles more often
  4. I will stop being so hard on myself
  5. I will practice saying my characters’ dialogue out loud
  6. I will join a community of fellow writers or book lovers (even if it’s only on Twitter!)
  7. I will use exclamation points sparingly
  8. I will keep my specific audience in mind, even if I am only writing to one person (and even if that person is me)
  9. I will avoid my thesaurus and dictionary and try to write what is authentic to me
  10. I will endeavour to Keep It Simple (I am not Marcel Proust)
  11. I will always be prepared by having a pen and notebook on me
  12. I will listen to the muse, whether that means waking at 2:00 am to write or subtly taking notes when I overhear an interesting conversation
  13. I will actively seek constructive criticism and proofreading, not shrink from the editing process
  14. I will remember my friends and family, even during particularly fruitful creative periods
  15. I will stick to my goals!

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