It is no secret that at Paperblanks we are enthusiasts about handwritten letters. In the past we’ve brought you many stories about pen pals who become lifelong friends, a love letter collection, a letter writing challenge and typewriting socials, among others. This week we want to share with you a heartwarming correspondence program organized by the Vancouver Public Library (VPL).

The Accessible Services department at VPL provides services to library users with mobility challenges and/or print disabilities who live in the City of Vancouver, and through their Caring Cards initiative they collect and deliver cards for isolated residents who may be in a care home or homebound.

“There are a number of residents who may be feeling isolated right now, whether they are living in a care facility or at home,” explains Stephanie Hurst from the Marketing & Communications department. “Some may not have loved ones to check on them, or they cannot safely visit with friends or family at this time. VPL’s Caring Cards program helps these individuals stay connected with their community by reminding them they are a valued member of the community.”

Anyone can create cheerful, uplifting cards and bring or mail them to any VPL branch, where staff members from Accessible Services will deliver these cards to participating care facilities and individuals. Are you ready to create one using your drawing, illustration or writing talents? Even adding a little bit of washi tape to a blank card can create something beautiful. No matter your creative gift or skill level, a thoughtful note will bring so much joy to the recipient. And if you speak and write in a language other than English, please consider including a message in that language! To find out more and see details on how you can participate, please visit VPL Caring Cards website.


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