Now that July is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to pick up a new 18-month academic planner if you haven’t already.

With so many formats, interiors and covers to choose from, it can be tricky to know which planner is right for you. To help you find your perfect planner, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know so you can plan your next 18 months with ease.


18-month planners start in July and run until December of the following year, making them ideal for students, teachers or anyone looking to plan ahead months at a time.

In addition to the daily planning planners, each agenda comes with supplementary information, including month- and year-at-a-glance pages for longer-term planning. You’ll also find handy reference pages for world time zones, conversions, dialling codes and travel planning, as well as address book pages.

Pictured here: An example of International Dialling Codes and World Time Zones supplementary pages


We offer two different week-at-a-time interior layouts for our 18-month planners: horizontal or vertical.

If you need to see your whole work week at a glance and to schedule your appointments down to the half hour, then the vertical interior may be the best option for you.

But if you prefer to plan in more detail, or have space for to-dos, a horizontal interior may be the one for you.

Pictured here: A vertical week-at-a-time interior


Whether you’d like a large desktop planner or a lightweight one that you can take on-the-go (or one of each!), there is a size to suit all your planning needs.

From largest to smallest, our planner sizes are grande, ultra, maxi, midi, slim and mini. Each planner includes two satin ribbon markers and a small pouch inside the back cover to store loose items.

Inside every Paperblanks planner is writing paper in an eye-pleasing cream colour. The opacity of our planner pages ranges from 80 gsm to 100 gsm, depending on the format. Specific paper weight information can be found on the individual product pages on our website as well as on our product labels.

Cover Design

And now for the fun part – choosing your planner cover! Whether you’re looking for something sophisticated and elegant or something bright and joyful, there is sure to be a design for you. Our planners come in a variety of our bestselling titles in both hardcover and softcover Flexi formats.

Pictured here: A variety of 2023–24 18-month planners

Still not sure which planner is best for you? Learn more about what’s available in the video below:


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