You finished your novel – great! Now, how to get people to read it?

Whether you’re working with an agent and publisher or going the self-publishing route, promoting your work should be a major focus. Creating a “brand” for yourself and your writing is an important part of reaching new readers and maintaining connections with those who can already be counted as fans. Here are ten tips for promoting your work – for all stages of the writing process.

  1. Get online – join in conversations on Twitter and Reddit to get your name out there and network within the literary scene (in fact, Seth Godin says to start doing this three years before you even write!)
  2. Build a website that you can direct these new connections back to (the bigger your online presence, the better chance people have to find your work)
  3. Take time on your cover art – it’s the first thing people see and, like it or not, we really do judge a book that way
  4. Determine the genre and audience for your work so you can focus your efforts on the people most likely to want to read it
  5. Successful novelist Diane Kelly offers this great advice – enter writing contests for which editors are judges, and you might just impress one enough to want to sign you!
  6. Consider self-publishing on iBooks or Amazon to reach readers immediately
  7. Attend literary festivals and participate in discussions – this is a great chance to network and get advice from authors

To go more in-depth, check out our 5 Clever Ways to Promote Your Work for Free.

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