Sometimes at the Endpaper Blog we get the unique opportunity to offer a platform to creative journallers from around the world. Today, we are excited to welcome photographer, Instagrammer and traveller Nicole as she takes us through an adventure in Sweden. Nicole writes…

Hej hej,

The winter days are getting colder and darker. I’m sitting here in my warm and cozy home, drinking tea and reading my own Sweden adventure story, written down in a wonderful Paperblanks book.

It’s nearly unbelievable! Summer 2017 was full of wildflowers, breathtaking sunsets and empty wild landscapes. With my boyfriend, I did a road trip along the Swedish west coast. From Malmö, in south Sweden, up to the Norwegian border all the way along the Bohuslän coastline. More than 800km with a car and my Love.

But, let’s talk about Sweden – I will give you some impressions on what to know and what to see in this beautiful land which is full of expectations…

First thing you must do in Sweden: climb as much as you can!

On the west coast you can find stone formations nearly everywhere. To climb them is not just for fun, it’s to discover special views and secret places. When you sit on top of the highest hill, you feel like you can see all of Sweden.

The freedom to roam “Allemansrätten”

Get out of your comfort zone! Wild camping under the sky in Sweden is another must-do. Fall asleep with the sounds of nature: chirping crickets and babbling brooks. It’s no problem to camp anywhere for one night. But make sure that there are no specific rules against it. Respect animals as well as plants and remember that you cannot pitch up near buildings.

Trust your intuition and not a tourism guide or navigation system

Feel free to discover something new. For sure, all the famous places written down in guides are worth seeing, but Sweden offers a lot more. Old little churches, charming fishing villages and friendly people. I prefer to sit in a café with local people than somewhere with a mass of tourists. Be brave to go astray and find a lonely beach to get lost.

Clear your mind while watching sunsets

Luckily the sun goes down in the west, so when you travel around the Bohuslän coastline you can see a beautiful sunset almost every evening. Feel the magic moment, when the sun turns the sky into a red curtain and a spectacular light reminds you of how beautiful life can be.

I took my sleeping bag and a warm jacket with me, because the coast side is known to be very windy and cold. And I always keep my camera and my Paperblanks book in mind to capture all these awesome moments, for sure.

Open your eyes and observe the beauty of nature

Sweden offers a lot of untouched nature, especially in the nature reserves. There you can find a lot of different wildflowers and animals. Find peace and relax! You can hike around the marked trails, calm down and recharge your batteries.

Write down memories in your Paperblanks book

Writing down all my adventures and experiences in my Paperblanks book is a great way for me to relight the spirit of my last journeys. On the one hand the design is beautiful, and on the other hand the books are of high quality and pretty sturdy. This fact is really important to me. You’ll see its advantages when carrying your book in backpacks, pushing it in your bag and pulling it out several times. Despite its sturdiness, you should always treat your Paperblanks book well. It’s too precious!

But what to write? That’s up to you. Only you can feel the moment, only you can see this special place. It lies in the eyes of the observer. There is no right or wrong. It’s your personal story that is waiting to be written down in an exceptionally beautiful book.

A story worth telling on cold winter days –
Nicole 🙂

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