Today is the first day of Ramadan, and in honour of this important Islamic month, we’ve decided to spotlight our Safavid Binding Art collection. Ramadan lasts 29 or 30 days and involves those who participate – over 1 billions Muslims all over the world – spending daylight hours abstaining from food and drink.

The Persian-style Safavid Binding Art collection was added to the Paperblanks collection in the Fall of 2010 and is made up one design in three formats and a storage box.

Persian-Style Designs Associated with the Islamic Golden Age

Amid the many jewels of ancient Islam, decorative book binding shines particularly bright. Symmetry and refinement of line are the hallmarks of these bindings, which range in style over many centuries from the simply tooled geometric patterns of the 14th century to the complex compositions of the 16th century.

Associated with the Islamic Golden Age, the Persian Safavidstyle designs represented a high point in the art of the book. These bindings feature centralised designs of medallions, quadrants, and plant and animal motifs, a pentagonal envelope flap closure and elaborately decorated “doublures” (interior covers), exquisite creations in cut-out leather, coloured papers and gilding.

Our doublure-inspired collection portrays a remarkable leather filigree pattern incorporating handtooled surfaces and motifs that retain an elegance and style even in our modern context.

The Collection

Ultra format Midi format
Mini format Storage Box

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  1. I was searching something to make a cover for my new Sony PRS-T1 ebook reader and I discovered your Safavid design and I immediately thought THIS is THE cover I want ! And the midi format have exactly the required dimensions (except perhaps depth?)
    You should really do ebook readers covers, your designs are so much above what’s available!
    You just need to replace the paper pages with an hollow frame to put the ereader inside, with holes on the borders to access lateral commands and connectors, and an attachable white cover above with holes to look at the screen and access the top command buttons but hide everything else.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve been hearing the e-reader suggestion more and more lately. We’re forwarding all the messages to our Art Director and CEO. 🙂


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