Marie Skłodowska Curie (1867–1934) was a Polish and naturalized French scientist best known for her pioneering research on radioactivity. Seemingly contradicting the principle of energy conservation, her discoveries forced a reconsideration of the foundation of physics, allowing scientists and medical professionals to harness radioactivity for the greater good.

Pictured here: Back cover details and Marie Curie’s signature on the journal flap

For this new Embellished Manuscript design we have reproduced a page from one of Marie’s notebooks containing her handwritten calculation notes precisely measuring the radium and thorium content of different minerals. Today her lab books are kept in special lead boxes, still too radioactive to touch without protective clothing.

Curie’s legacy and groundbreaking work encompasses both scientific and social achievements. As a woman in the scientific community she faced significant hurdles and prejudices to earn her position, and she remains the only woman to be awarded two Nobel Prizes.

Pictured here: Close up of Marie Curie’s notes on the science of radioactivity, reproduced on our journal cover

Our new Marie Curie design is available as an ultra and midi lined hardcover journal. We are grateful to the Musée Curie for partnering with us to bring this unique sample of her thought process to the Paperblanks collection.


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