I’m an Italian writer and painter born in Rome, where I’ve lived my entire life.  As a writer, my fascination lies with historical novels and my paintings are inspired by myths, legends and dreams.

I discovered the wonderful world of Paperblanks in one of the great bookshops of Rome. Immediately, I found something that spoke to me. Like stumbling upon an unexpected gift, these books evoke the emotions and the inspirations I find necessary to fuel my creativity.  For this reason, a special type of magic exists in my relationship with my journals; I suppose you could call them my muse.

I use Paperblanks journals for my sketches.  I dream, design, set down the things that inspire me, and I use them as a place to draft my stories.

Each journal I keep for a different purpose.

In my Book of Kells I carefully note small curiosities and unusual historical facts.  The name of the sword of Orlando, the first clock mentioned in ancient chronicles, when tulips first arrived to Europe – these are just a few examples of the details I’ve marked on these pages.

In my Gutenberg journal I record notes on the biographies of great women of the past.  Stories I’ve gone on to publish, re-counting the lives of Queen Joan the “Mad” and Erzsébet Bathory, the so-called “bloody Countess,” for example, were first envisioned in this book. I also kept all the research required to write a novel about the French Revolution in my Old Leather journal.

Esthetics and style are so important to me, therefore I very much love the designs offered by Paperblanks.  Each journal is elegant, refined, and an inspiration to all forms of creativity.


Creative Works:

Our Artist Series features snapshots of the creative people who use our journals. From all parts of the world, and all walks of life, we celebrate the infinite number of ways in which creativity can be expressed. If you would like to have your story featured, email fmallett@hartleyandmarks.com.


  1. hello Adriana assini my names chloe i was wondering if the book you written called Guiliana Tofana could be submitted to a film ideas company to make a historical thriller film about the woman i am taken by this story and the fact that it’s not as talked about even though she was the most prelific woman of her age as not just a murderer but helper of women with your permission of course i have a feeling it could be a good awareness film of the woman and her movement at that time if not i also understand 🙂


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