There are countless creativity and therapeutic benefits to keeping a journal, many of which we have written about here on the Endpaper Blog. But if you’ve recently picked up a new journal and are having trouble finding the motivation to get writing, a quick and compelling list of reasons might be just the thing to jump start your journalling.

To help you put pen to paper, we have created just that – a short list of eight powerful reasons why you should begin journalling today.

8 Reasons To Write In a Journal

  1. It gives you a safe space to vent, without fear or of anyone overhearing or accidentally sending an email to the wrong person
  2. It’s an easy first step toward building healthy habits and developing the self-confidence that comes from following through on a goal
  3. Writing out the bad things that happen can help lower your overall trauma and stress, boosting both your mental and physical health
  4. By removing any possibility of an audience, you can authentically express your opinions, feelings and creativity
  5. There are fewer distractions than writing on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, allowing you to listen to your own thoughts
  6. Journalling about something that is troubling you (especially if you don’t feel comfortable talking about it), lessens the weight of the baggage you have been carrying through everyday life – you may find writing down not only lightens your internal burden but gives you the confidence to talk to someone about it
  7. You can collect compliments privately, giving you something to look back on and smile without worrying people will find you self-asborbed (it’s important to feel good about yourself!)
  8. The many benefits of taking class notes by hand apply to journal writing, too – you will process the information as you write it, meaning you are more likely to actually absorb those life lessons and learning experiences

Share Your Story

Are you an active journaller? We are always looking for real-life journal writers to profile in our Peek Inside series. If you’d like to share your story and inspire other writers, please email us!

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