French artist Claude Monet, one of the founders of the Impressionist movement, was particularly fascinated with capturing the transient beauty of nature. In a virtuoso display of flowers, this 1897 work reproduced on our products portrays a vibrant bed of chrysanthemums from his prized garden in Giverny.

Among the Impressionists, Monet is perhaps best known for his garden scenes and it was in Giverny, a village on the banks of the Seine River, where he discovered his greatest inspiration.

Pictured here: Monet’s Chrysanthemums canvas bag

After purchasing property spread across two acres, Monet set about designing an expansive garden according to the contrasts of colour and shadow, as though it were a painting.

In his words, he designed his gardens at Giverny “both for the pleasure of the eye and for the purpose of having subjects to paint.”

Pictured here: Monet’s Chrysanthemums document folder alongside Morris Pink Honeysuckle and Van Gogh’s Irises document folders

This garden was where Monet created many of his most famous works, including a series of canvases called Chrysanthemums. This 1897 painting in Monet’s distinctive heavy brushstrokes evokes a scene so vivid, one can almost smell the aromas of a flourishing garden.

Monet’s Chrysanthemums is available as an ultra, midi and mini hardcover journal, dot-grid planner, pencil case, canvas bag, document folder and jigsaw puzzle.


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