We are delighted to introduce our special partnership with Laurel Burch Studios and Totemic Brands as a celebration of 50 years of Laurel Burch, featuring reproductions of the vivid, vibrant paintings by the internationally renowned artist.

It is our pleasure to share Laurel’s enduring legacy with the world as we continue to expand our popular Laurel Burch Collection with two new designs for Spring 2024 featuring some of her most beloved themes: Celestial Magic and Wild Flowers.

Today we introduce you to Celestial Magic!

Pictured here: Celestial Magic hardcover journal

Laurel Burch created brilliantly coloured, exquisitely embellished, effervescent and moving artistic themes. Her celestial theme has evolved over the years in a vivacious colour palette emblazoned with shimmering details of silver and gold, including rainbow-hued fish and sprays of colourful flowers cavorting with her suns, moons and stars.

This exuberant motif was inspired by the belief that these ethereal elements are shared by every human being and are an ever-present part of the continuum of life.

Laurel’s fantastical imagination, whimsical creatures and the wonders she created in her paintings, jewellery and writings are now part of her legacy.

Celestial Magic is available as an ultra, midi and mini hardcover journal, sketchbook, jigsaw puzzle, pencil case and bookmark.


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