Sitting down to write can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but having some trusty writing tips in your back pocket can make all the difference in getting past that first draft, into the final edits and across the finish line with a sense of satisfaction for what you’ve created.

Whatever type of writing you’re doing, there is always room for improvement. Whether it’s your routine or your skills that could use some work, these quick tips should help set you on the path forward.

Have a Warm-Up Ritual

Many famous writers have routines they stick to in order to ensure they can write at their best. Whether it’s going for a walk first thing, flexing your mental muscles with a crossword puzzle or simply lighting a candle and making a hot drink, having a routine can help prepare your brain for writing.

Set the Scene for Success

A comfortable writing space is an important element for creative success. Carving out a dedicated area can make all the difference in getting into the zone and ensuring you stay there. A comfy chair, the right tools and natural light will help to set the scene.

Just Start

When faced with a blank page it can be all too easy to stare into the abyss with zero inspiration staring right back at you. If this sounds familiar, free writing might be helpful in getting started. Free writing can tap into your creativity without the pressure of perfection and allow you to simply begin the act of writing. Don’t look back and worry how it looks, just get down anything that comes to mind. When you’re done you can go back and piece together and edit however you see fit. You might even be pleasantly surprised with what you find!

Set Deadlines

Author Adriana Trigiani said of deadlines: “There’s nothing an artist needs more – even more than excellent tools and stamina – than a deadline.” If there are no official deadlines for your work, it’s important to set them for yourself. Without a sense of urgency your brain and writing might have a tendency to wander. If you have clear goals on the horizon, you’ll feel more focused and motivated to get there.

Do you have any writing rituals you stick to?


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