We are delighted to announce that The Adventures of Asterix is coming to Paperblanks!

Channel the spirit of adventure with our brand-new stationery collection created in partnership with Les Éditions Albert René.

Our collaborative The Adventures of Asterix series combines the comic energy of Asterix and Obelix with the classic antique aesthetic of Paperblanks. Blending these two styles resulted in a beautiful combination that captures the spirit of these beloved characters.

Pictured here: Asterix & Obelix hardcover journal and pencil case, Asterix the Gaul hardcover journal and bookmark

In the much-adored comic series and the countless films it has inspired, the shrewd and cunning little warrior, Asterix, relies on his wits to trick his way out of scrapes around the world. Never without his pal Obelix, whose superhuman strength is thanks to the cauldron of magic potion he fell into as a child, and the canine eco-warrior Dogmatix, Asterix and company defend their territory from Roman occupation.

With steadfast resourcefulness, helmets of steel and a trademark humour, they adventure to lands near and far. From the mountains of Switzerland to the pyramids of Egypt, these fearless Gauls remain indomitable!

Pictured here: Asterix the Gaul hardcover journal, canvas bag, pencil case and a bookmark

These designs remind us of our own childhoods, when we would eagerly await the Gaulish warriors’ latest adventures. Much more than simply a trip down memory lane, this series is a chance to share the joy of these classic stories with a new audience.

We are honoured to partner with Les Éditions Albert René to share these iconic characters with a new generation and continue to bring literature to life through our products. Learn more about this collaboration and how the collection came to life here.

Pictured: Asterix the Gaul pencil case, Asterix and Obelix pencil case


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