In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we’re shining a light on our sleek and subtle notebook brand, Paper-Oh.

Created by the same design team behind Paperblanks and talented German bookbinder Nadine Werner, Paper-Oh notebooks are a reflection of our passion for design and a desire to take the everyday notebook to the next level.

For lovers of contemporary design, Paper-Oh offers intelligently designed notebooks that encourage users to express their creativity and individuality like none other because they represent the best of both form and function, informed by expert bookbinding techniques.

Paper-Oh grew from a belief that paper will always be a fundamental part of everyday life, so the products are constantly pushing for better design and a better product than what already exists.

Coupled with a passion for the art of professional bookbinding, each product is a labour of love and pushes the limits of what people expect from a notebook.

Many of you might not know that Paper-Oh’s creative team has over 80 years of collective experience under their belt in design, publishing and bookbinding. And the first season of Paper-Oh notebooks took nearly 5 years to perfect!

Now that is dedication to the craft! And we couldn’t agree more.


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