Our latest collection brings a culturally diverse display. From Japanese theatrical design and Egyptian book binding to American mixed media and English architecture, get ready to delight in a wealth of artistic traditions.

And with a few new titles in some of our favourite series, there is truly something for everyone.

Keep reading for an overview of what’s new and what’s still to come!

And be sure to check back every Wednesday when we’ll take a deep dive into each new design.

Pictured here: Tropical Garden and Ola washi tape, Firebird puzzle, Karakusa and Tropical Garden bookmarks, Kara-ori pencil case and washi tape, Midnight Star canvas bag

As well as brand new hardcover journal designs and new additions to our line of softcover Flexi notebooks, our new collection sees our designs in a host of stationery accessories. You’ll find bookmarks, canvas bags, pencil cases and washi tapes in new and favourite designs.

Pictured here: Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet, Enigma, Flemish Rose, Ashta and Inkblot hardcover journals

We’re also excited to welcome some new additions to our Embellished Manuscripts Collection as well as brand new series to watch out for.

A Peek at Flexis to Come!

For lovers of our Flexi softcover notebooks, we have some brand new designs on the way! From new titles in existing series to brand new offerings, these travel-friendly notebooks are the ideal gift for the journal lover in your life or to add to your own collection.

Pictured here: Isle of Ely, Ashta, Enigma and Flemish Rose softcover Flexi notebooks

We’re very excited for our new collection and we think you’ll love it too! Be sure to check back next week as we begin our breakdown of each new design.


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