Through the centuries, Islamic inlay artists and architects have led the way in expressing faith through their craft. Photographer Gérard Degeorge has travelled the world capturing those grand pieces of architectural design, including the black, white and turquoise mosaic reproduced here.

Pictured here: Granada Turquoise softcover Flexi notebook

When we first discovered this small photograph in Degeorge’s collection, we were immediately reminded of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. A true highlight of Moorish architecture, the Alhambra is adorned in tile mosaics set around a theme of “paradise on earth.”

Pictured here: Up close design details of Granada Turquoise

The geometric pattern, floral design and arabesque setting seen here are all suggestive of the architectural styles of Islamic art found in Granada.

Pictured here: Granada Turquoise canvas bag, bookmark and softcover Flexi notebooks

Granada Turquoise is now available as a softcover Flexi notebook, bookmark and canvas bag.


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