Our new Safavid Indigo design reproduces a 17th-century leather filigree book binding. It brings the craftsmanship of the Islamic Golden Age to our modern world.

Persian Safavid-style bindings represented a high point in the art of the book. These bindings often featured centralized designs of medallions and intricately patterned corner quadrants, along with pentagonal flap closures. We have incorporated that notable closure style in our own Safavid Binding Art series.

Pictured here: Safavid Indigo ultra size hardcover journal showcasing the magnetic wrap closure

Originally released in a classic brown leather look, this new deep blue colour is available as a bookmark and hardcover journal. With it, we pay tribute to the darkest tone of Persian Blue, an indigo hue that was a popular colour used in the art and architecture of the period.

Pictured here: Safavid and Safavid Indigo hardcover journals


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