We are now well into 2020. New Year’s resolutions have probably (hopefully?) started to become part of our routine by now. Maybe you got a brand-new journal over the holidays and you made the resolution to do more journalling this year, but for some reason you haven’t started writing in it yet. Perhaps you consider it too precious to actually draw in it, or maybe you are waiting for something special or important to write about. We get it – we’ve all been there. But if being present and living in the moment was also one of your resolutions, breaking in that new Paperblanks notebook can actually help you achieve that too.

Pictured here: Anticipation Flexi journal

We often put off good things in our life because they seem too special for right now. While it’s understandable to save some things – that new dress, the good wine, the fine china – for a memorable occasion, it’s important to enjoy them more often to brighten our everyday. By using that special item, we are creating a life we enjoy living.

Just as having our tea in a fancy teacup elevates the moment, and wearing that new scarf sets the tone for a positive day, a beautiful journal makes writing even more meaningful: a good opportunity to feel connected to the page and genuinely savour the moment.

Pictured here: Azure journal

Every day should be a celebration. Every thought, every doodle is worthy of your Paperblanks. Stop saving it just for memorable occasions. If you make a mistake and then have to cross it out, so be it. A smudge or a crossed-out word adds character to an otherwise perfect page.

Whether you use your Paperblanks as a journal, as a place to write stories or to doodle, use it. It’s meant to be used and enjoyed. Open that first page and show us what you’ve done with it using the hashtag #PeopleofPaperblanks. We’d love to see your creations! 


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