Sometimes at the Endpaper Blog we get the unique opportunity to offer a platform to creative journallers from around the world. We’ve recently partnered with Quynh Vu – a multitalented artist and bullet journaller who specializes in brush lettering and modern calligraphy. You may remember Quynh from her Instagram account @caliquynhletters, where she has recently personalized some special journals for lucky contest winners, or her previous Easy Flower Wreath Tutorial here on the Endpaper Blog.

Today we’re excited to welcome Quynh to the Endpaper Blog to give you a behind-the-scenes look at her designs, and offer tips for creating your ownStay tuned to the Endpaper Blog for more from Quynh, including future promotions and giveaways (hint: check out the bottom of this post to WIN)!

Easy “Hello Fall” Bullet Journal Tutorial

Written by: Quynh Vu (@caliquynhletters)


  1. Paperblanks Beethoven’s 250th Birthday Special Edition Journal
  2. Drawing pen in 0.1 mm thickness
  3. Brush pens in grey and black in various sizes
  4. 3 colored markers or brush pens
  5. Pencil
  6. Circle drawing tool or circle template lid
Photo credit: Quynh Vu

Creating a “Hello Fall” Bullet Journal Spread is a fun way to get creative in your journal, notebook or sketchbook. This is a versatile layout to introduce a new season or month in your notebook.

This tutorial will combine elements of the Easy Flower Wreath Tutorial with basic components of modern calligraphy and brush lettering. Follow along and we can make this together.

Learning how to make this “Hello Fall” Bullet Journal Spread can be easy when broken down into a few simple steps.

Photo credit: Quynh Vu

Step 1:

Write the word “hello” in cursive using a drawing pen that is 0.1 mm. Try to leave some extra space between each letter so that you can add shape and dimension in the next step. I like to write the word “hello” using a lowercase “h” because it has a nice curvy shape that will look balanced when contrasted against the capital letters we will use in the word “FALL” later.

Photo credit: Quynh Vu

Step 2:

Outline your downstrokes. Each time you write a word in cursive, you will be naturally creating strokes that are drawn when you are pulling your pen towards the top of the page (upstrokes) and when you are pulling your pen towards the bottom of the page (downstrokes). Outline each letter in the locations where you would be creating a downstroke as seen below.

Photo credit: Quynh Vu

Step 3:

Color your downstrokes. Fill in those open spaces with color. This process is called modern calligraphy, in which you are creating the effect that brush pens create on their own as you apply and reduce pressure when using them.

Photo credit: Quynh Vu

Step 4:

Add FALL. Write the word “FALL” in simple printed capital letters below “hello.” The printed letters will showcase the cursive ones above them.

Photo credit: Quynh Vu

Step 5:

Add a floral wreath around your words. See Easy Flower Wreath Tutorial for step-by-step directions.

Photo credit: Quynh Vu

Watch the Full Tutorial:

Additional Lettering Practice:

For easy step-by-step instructions on how to write “hello,” follow the lettering guides below to print out and practice each letter individually.

Photo credit: Quynh Vu

Below is a simpler example of “Hello Fall” without any flowers or decorations for those of you who prefer a more minimalistic look to your journal.

Photo credit: Quynh Vu

A Note from Quynh:

Thank you for visiting my Easy “Hello Fall” Bullet Journal tutorial blog. Please see the links below for a detailed process video and a timelapse of this process video.

Instagram: @caliquynhletters

YouTube: Quynh Vu

Send me an email at so that you can be included in VIP email lettering and drawing tutorials that will be sent out each month.


In celebration of the upcoming fall season, I will be partnering with Paperblanks for a very special Fall 2019 Giveaway for the Dumas’ 150th Anniversary ultra unlined journal and matching pencil case.

Pictured here: Dumas’ 150th Anniversary Special Edition journal and pencil case

To enter the Fall 2019 Giveaway, complete the steps listed below:

  1. Follow @caliquynhletters and @paperblanks on Instagram.
  2. Like this post and tag a friend who you think would love to try this tutorial.
  3. Create your own version of a “Hello Fall” post using a public Instagram account and tag @caliquynhletters and @paperblanks so that we can see your work and cheer you on. Feel free to create several different variations of “Hello Fall” and each post will be considered as a separate entry for another chance to win.
  4. Use hashtag #PaperblanksHelloFall and #LearnWithCaliquynh so we can see your entries.
  5. Optional: Share contest and post in your stories for added visibility.

Contest Rules:

Contest starts Thursday, September 12th, 2019 and ends on Thursday, September 19th, 2019 at 23:59 PDT. Winner will be randomly selected and will be announced on Friday, September 20th, 2019. Winner must respond within 24 hours with full name and address, otherwise another winner will be selected. Contestants from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States are eligible to win. Winner name and address will be shared with Paperblanks so that the prize can be shipped out. Prizes will be shipped out within 3 weeks of the winner being announced. Winner to post a photo of their prize on Instagram upon receipt tagging @paperblanks and @caliquynhletters. This giveaway is in no way associated or affiliated with Instagram.

Pictured here: Dumas’ 150th Anniversary Special Edition journal and pencil case


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