NEW: River Cascade Alluvium and Blue Rhine Journals

Our new River Cascade journals are based on a binding originally produced in Basel, Switzerland by the celebrated publishing brothers Johann Rudolph and Emanuel Thurneysen. Published in 1729, the book was named Tossani’s Bible after Paul Tossanus (Tossani), a Huguenot minister from Germany.

It can still be found in Germany, as the binding makes its home amongst the vast collection of the Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf.

Basel is famous not just as a cultural centre, but also for its location on the banks of the River Rhine, and it’s from this association that we took our inspiration for these covers.

Together, our golden brown Alluvium and vibrant Blue Rhine covers capture the rippling river that makes its way through the city.

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When creating our Paperblanks line, we were inspired by the many great artists and craftspeople who have shared their creativity with the world. It is our mission to bring that sense of craftsmanship and beauty to the personal and simple objects of everyday life.


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