Over the years, we’ve talked a lot about the importance of establishing healthy writing habits. From having a decluttered work space to not trying to take on too many tasks at once, the “how” of writing is nearly as important as the “what.” There are a variety of helpful routines to get into when it comes to writing, but one in particular stands out: daily writing. Whether you subscribe to Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages model or write for your own reasons, putting pen to paper every day is a must for all writers.

Why Write Every Day?

  1. You always have a draft on the go or an old piece of writing to be inspired by
  2. Writing supports introspection and accountability and is a psychologically sound type of habit to form
  3. Habits like this shape the rest of your work day, making you more productive in all realms
  4. Practice may not make perfect, but consistency and repetition will improve your basic writing skills
  5. Not waiting for inspiration to strike can help clear out the jumble of ideas cluttering up your brain
  6. Reading what you’ve written can show where your priorities and best ideas lie
  7. Publishing daily on your blog will increase your visibility and improve your SEO results
  8. Writing usually requires some research, and constantly seeking new knowledge will enhance not only your latest piece of writing but your future ones, too

Why, or why not, do you write daily?

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  1. It would be interesting to get tips on how to write even if inspiration hasn’t knocked the door. Very interesting article, I hope I can begin to write everyday too, despite the lack of inspiration that sometimes is hard to get by.

    • Hi Yuliana,

      Thanks for the suggestion! In the past, we’ve looked at beating writer’s block, but that’s a bit different than simply having no inspiration. We’ll think on this and post something for a future Writing Wednesday.

      The Paperblanks Team


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