For the first celebration of our 25th year, we’re re-releasing one of our most popular retired designs. We’ve selected these eight possibilities to get things started, but now it’s up to you. The winning design will be revitalised using our latest printing techniques and produced as a beautiful new Midi journal.

Over the next two weeks these eight selections will be narrowed down through three rounds of voting in the form of a Bracket Challenge on Facebook. So be sure to check in every few days to make sure your favourite cover makes it to the end!

About the Designs – Round 1 Battles

Note: Round 1 voting ends Sunday, April 9th

Bracket 1 – Eastern Cultural Traditions

Tribal Embroidery Tribal Two

First Released: Spring 2003 (the design has evolved over time)

Discontinued: Spring 2008 (reimagined as Sequined Topaz and eventually discontinued Spring 2012)

Original Artwork: Traditional patchwork embroidery

Era: Traditional Indian artwork

Region: Kutch area of Gujarat in India

Tao Bamboo

First Released: Fall 2001

Discontinued: Fall 2012

Original Artwork: Listening to the Bamboo painting by Cheng-ming

Era: Late 15th-Early 16th century

Region: China

Bracket 2 – Architecture Photography

Intricate Inlays Mirror Vine

First Released: Fall 2003

Discontinued: Fall 2016

Original Artwork: Photograph by Gérard Degeorge

Era: Early Islamic architecture, modern photograph

Region: Arab-Muslim world

Painted Walls of Lamayuru Dragon

First Released: Spring 2005

Discontinued: Spring 2012

Original Artwork: Paintings adorning a monastery’s walls

Era: 11th century

Region: Lamayuru Monastery, India

Bracket 3 – European Art and Design

Brocaded Paper Honey Bloom

First Released: Spring 2007

Discontinued: Fall 2016

Original Artwork: Antique paper sample

Era: Late 17th century

Region: Germany

Lyon Florals Swirling Peacock Ebony

First Released: Fall 2005

Discontinued: Fall 2013

Original Artwork: Textile master pattern

Era: 1860s

Region: Lyon, France

Bracket 4 – Antique Maps

Early Cartography Celestial Planisphere

First Released: Fall 1994

Discontinued: Fall 2010

Original Artwork: Celestial (star chart) map by Frederik de Wit

Era: 1670–1680

Region: The Netherlands

Early Cartography Western Hemisphere

First Released: Fall 1994

Discontinued: Fall 2010

Original Artwork: Americæ Nova Tabula coloured copperplate map by cartographer Willem Blaeu

Era: 1617–1633

Region: Amsterdam

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