Open-source software can help to link the technology-inclined from around the world, and is used to develop diverse platforms such as WordPress, 3D printing guides and even cola recipes! CARTO and OpenStreetMaps are great examples of how open platforms connect all types of data (and people). They offer the chance for companies, educational institutes and individuals to pin information on their interactive maps, building unique thematic online locators.

Last year, Lauren Young and Jack Goodman of Maps Obscura created a map pointing out the real-life homes of some favourite heroes of childhood literature. If you have ever wanted to stop by the Portland, Oregon, neighbourhood that Ramona Quimby inhabited in the beloved book series by Beverly Cleary or see just where in Brooklyn the family from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn lived (hint: it’s Williamsburg), then this map is for you.

Plan your next book lover’s vacation by tracing the steps of the characters from your childhood!

Get the full story from Atlas Obscura.

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