While we would never suggest that all artists must follow the same habits (what a boring art world that would be!), there is something to be said for the fact that many of the most successful creative individuals share a few common characteristics. If you can check off at least one or two of these personality traits then consider yourself in good company and off to a head start when it comes to success.

Successful Artists…

1) Make art important in all parts of their lives

2) Have an uncluttered work space

3) Have a clear vision for their art and career

4) Have fun with it… At least sometimes

5) Are resilient

6) Know the difference between influence and plagiarism

7) Understand and appreciate the business side

8) Know when to listen to, and when to ignore, critics

9) Have a strong work ethic

10) Aren’t afraid of failure

Of course, even if you don’t relate to any of these points, it’s not the end of your career. You can always try to learn some of these helpful habits, and if they don’t catch on then hey, that just means you are a true one-of-a-kind!


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