A lot of what goes into a journal is one’s personal thoughts and reflections dealing with insecurities, feelings of vulnerability and hopes for the future. But what about what makes you happy right now? When journalling, it’s easy to get bogged down in feelings about what you want to change, meaning that although you’re getting the therapeutic benefit of working out what’s troubling you, you’re not necessarily being surrounded by positivity.

If you’re looking to boost your mood, browsing through a happiness or gratitude journal is a great way to reflect on all the things in life that make you feel joy. Write your way through the winter blues by working these prompts and ideas into your next writing session.

Gratitude Journalling

Well, since we already mentioned it, the easiest place to begin is a gratitude journal. Make it a habit, ideally at the end of every day, to write down at least one thing that you are grateful for in that moment. If daily journalling isn’t your style, then try dedicating one page to listing all the things that you appreciate in your life. It’s incredibly uplifting to watch this list grow and a wonderful thing to have when you need a little mood boost.

Change Your Perspective

If there is an event or issue in your life that’s causing particular concern, try reframing it when writing in your journal. Rather than writing out what’s troubling you, try scripting the problem in the third person. You’ll still feel the same sense of relief that comes from spilling what’s on your mind, but you may also find it easier to envision a solution when it’s a problem to solve for another person, rather than yourself. Asking how to resolve a plot conflict for a character may offer the right level of objectivity needed to find the clarity to move forward.

Affirm the Positive

There’s a reason that daily affirmations are such popular concepts in the realms of self-help and therapy. Even if you feel slightly silly writing out a daily reminder of how great you are, having a log of these positive feelings will absolutely help to provide light and hope in times of despair. Try beginning with simple statements like “I surround myself with friends and family who love me” and “All things happen for a purpose and I will learn from my past experiences,” and you will eventually build an inspiring set of personal motivations.

Make it a Vision Board

Whether or not you buy into programs like The Secret, it’s hard to deny that having a clear goal in mind is a good thing. Use your journal as a place to store your hopes for the future, even if they may seem like pipe dreams. The beauty of a journal is its privacy, and it is within the journal walls that you can be entirely honest about what you want for your life. Getting lost, even momentarily, in a fantasy can also help you pinpoint what it is that makes it seem so rewarding and work towards making that aspect attainable for you.

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