For the past four years, Justin Samgar has been writing and performing poetry on demand for media, brands and events with his own company, PoetryPusher. These poems and lyrics are used for columns, event reports, special occasions, shows, product presentations and much more. Satisfied customers include the following:

Next to this commercial work, Justin also writes and presents his own work which consists of poetry, music, comedy and storytelling. He writes and tells about the funny, lovely, sexy and horrible parts of a life that he sees.

Justin Samgar (PoetryPusher)
Age: 34
City: Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Places Travelled: Turkey, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland
Loves: Music, Art, Culture, Comedy, Books, History, Philosophy, Science
Teachers/Education: Very religious (almost cult-like!)
Occupation: Writer/artist/poet
Creative Works:
Music – https://soundcloud.com/poetrypusher
Video – http://www.youtube.com/user/PoetryPusher
Blog – http://poetrypusher.tumblr.com/
English Blog – http://poetrypusher.tumblr.com/search/english
Quote: “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” – Salvador Dali

What would one find in the pages of your Paperblanks journal?
Dreams, jokes, stories, songs and poetry.

Do you have any personal philosophies you’ve come to develop about writing, art, creation or culture?
Art is the part of reality that you can push, pull and re-order.


Do you have any specific themes you refer to frequently?
Space and time, life patterns, love, connection and solitude.


No matter what type of creative art you make, what or who first inspired you to make it an essential part of your life?
There are a couple of moments that are significant for me as an artist. As a kid I was always hungry for new art, music, movies and books. But I think the first time that I visited “Spoken,” a Dutch spoken-word stage, was the biggest push for me to make it a part of my life. I was so inspired by the diversity of artists that I saw and embraced the possibility of being on stage and telling my story in my own way. A couple of months later, after the first time I went on stage, I knew for sure that this was my main thing. This was the part that I was missing, the connection I had been looking for my whole life.


How did you find Paperblanks?
A friend of mine showed me the Paperblanks website when I told her I wanted to write in my own beautiful books. Immediately I fell in love with the nice look and feeling that Paperblanks gives you.

What sets Paperblanks apart from other journals you’ve used?
It’s the feeling of the paper against your hand when you write another story or poem. It’s the cover that you proudly carry in your hands when you go on stage. It’s the beauty of the whole thing that makes you write carefully to not make any mistakes.


Do you have a favourite Paperblanks design?
I like the designs that make Paperblanks look like books of magic spells or ancient holy scriptures. It gives them a bit of mystery.

Do you have any advice for other creative people?
Trust, embrace and grow your own creativity… and be anxious yet patient.



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