Our Peek Inside… series takes a look inside people’s personal journals to celebrate their imagination and inspire others.

This month we get an insider’s scoop into the many Paperblanks sketchbooks and journals of art history student Lynora:

My name is Lynora, and I am an art history student from the north of England. I first found out about Paperblanks a few years ago while I was studying art and design at college. I was looking for journals to hold my research when I stumbled upon the gorgeous books. They have come in handy for a lot more since then – jotting down ideas and sketches, favourite quotes and even a list of all my passwords (hope I never lose that one!).

I am currently working on three separate journals which I have with me most of the time: French Ornate Bleu, Painted Walls of Lamayuru Dragon and Embellished Manuscript Rembrandt, Virgin and Child. Essentially, they are all an accumulation of ideas and inspiration for future projects and don’t necessarily follow any specific theme or subject (although single journal images often turn into a series in a larger format).

I prefer starting off on a smaller scale while I’m still at a planning stage, so it all starts within the pages of my Paperblanks. Most pages are quick sketches I’ve done while out and about using whatever I happen to have on me– pencils, fine liners or biros (which I love using, as not being able to rub away lines prevents me from overthinking the sketch!). Depending what I’m working on, I might keep the work small or move up to a larger scale for the actual painting/drawing.

Sometimes what works as a sketch doesn’t necessarily work well as an art piece. Though a few of my sketches have never left the pages of the journal they’re in, I hope to come across something, an idea, to develop them further in the future. Until then, they’re safely stored in my Paperblanks!

Next on my list is a journal out of the Leonardo’s Sketches series. I love Da Vinci and have learnt a lot about drawing through studying his sketches. I am also a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe, so his Paperblanks Embellished Manuscript can’t be a miss in my collection! I can’t wait to get my hands on those designs. Come to think of it – why don’t I have them yet?!

Some of these images can be found as finished pieces in Lynora’s online stores at http://www.zazzle.co.uk/theartoflynora and http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/lynora-adams.html. You can also follow her blog, on Facebook and on Twitter!


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