Paperblanks journals are such globetrotters! Most recently, our Laurel Burch Moroccan Mares journal visited the south of the Iberian peninsula with Catherine on her Andalusian vacation. Catherine writes:

I have been a fan of Paperblanks since I received my first journal as a present last year. I currently have three that I’m using: one each for historical notes, sketches and other items of interest. My Handstitched Tiffany Leaded Glass Ultra acts as a family tree where I collect my photos, news cuttings and stories gleaned from relatives. Moroccan Mares was specially chosen for my holiday in Andalusia, even though I always carry a French Ornate Mini in my bag for everything I need to remember!

I started my travel journal before leaving home for Andalusia, making notes of the history of the country and collecting maps. The sun was setting when I had my first glimpse of Vejer de la Frontera perched on a hilltop, the old walls of the town visible against the darkening sky. Lights were being lit as I drove up the winding, hairpin bends. Magic!

The Plaza de España is reached via Seville’s narrow white-walled streets. At its centre is this beautiful tiled fountain. This old town has a wealth of history – it’s seen invasions, rebellions, settlement and most certainly hundreds of actual Moroccan mares over time. The Moorish influence is everywhere; there’s so much to discover. This is truly a wonderful part of unspoiled Spain.


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