Our Peek Inside… series takes a look inside people’s personal journals to celebrate their imagination and inspire others. Send us an email if you have a project that you would like to be featured.

This month we get an insider’s scoop into the creative and very busy life of Sonia Kwiecinska, who writes:

Hello! My name is Sonia and I am a med school student, artist and self-proclaimed globetrotter. I’m always on the run and needing something in which I can take notes, write down the day’s events and be able to draw and sketch. That’s why I fell in love with Paperblanks® journals; they’re handy, beautiful and the pages are so nice and thick and smooth that they simply invite you to write or draw on them.


I’ve kept a journal/sketchbook ever since I was a junior in high school but recently, due to my minimal amount of free time, I had abandoned that habit a bit. Well, I decided to get my act together this past summer and promised myself that I would write a few words or draw in my journal each day. Depending on my mood I’d either illustrate little comic strips, sketch my surroundings or even glue beer labels and write their reviews. Basically, I tried to find some inspiration from whatever was around me.


This became much easier in August as I got a huge inspiration boost from a trip to Scotland with my friends. I, of course, brought my journal along in hopes of doing some sketches and watercolours. The beautiful Scottish landscapes were really inspiring and I’d try to sit down and write a few words or draw something as often as possible.


We were always moving and running around so I would basically just grab whatever utensils I brought with me that day — pens, pencils or a water brush (yes, I pack watercolour pencils and a water brush on all my trips) — and have fun.


The summer is now over and I’m back studying for exams, but so far I’ve been able to continue my little project and hopefully will do so for the remaining part of the year.

About Paperblanks®: We have been producing superb writing journals for twenty years. We are book people, and we believe that the written word matters and that our blank books have a critical role to play in the art and continued practice of writing itself.
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