Discover the ancient Japanese language of flowers with our Natsu design.

These intricate details of spring and summer flowers seen on our Rinpa Florals cover are from an 18th-century Japanese paper screen by artist Watanabe Shikō (1683–1755), who painted in the Rinpa style (and was reputedly a rōnin!).

The design reproduced here shows a section of the screen with various types of blooms often believed to follow the ancient Japanese language of flowers, called Hanakotoba. Flowers were used to convey emotion and communicate with the viewer without using words.

Pictured here: Natsu hardcover journal and bookmark

Rinpa is a leading historical school of Japanese painting, established in 17th-century Kyoto, whose artists were known for working in a range of formats, notably screens, fans, hanging scrolls and kimono textiles. Many Rinpa paintings were used on the sliding doors and walls of noble homes.

Our Graphics team selected this design from the Ashmolean Museum, UK. Ron explains, “The bright red and white flowers bring a sense of birth and new life. The little details draw you in and move your eye around the entire cover. It’s a fresh cover that brings warmth and an exotic feeling to anyone’s home.”

Pictured here: Natsu hardcover journal and bookmark

With the hidden emotive language of flowers against an opulent, golden backdrop, this Rinpa Florals design is sure to inspire your own creative freedom.

Natsu is available as an ultra, midi and mini hardcover journal, a bookmark and a canvas bag.

Pictured here: Detail of Natsu design


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