We are always thrilled to hear what people like about our notebooks and how they are using them to create, draw, write, doodle or even keep themselves organized. So, we thought we’d share with you the testimonials of eight contemporary artists and illustrators from around the world who are regular users of Paperblanks. We have had the pleasure of featuring each of them on the blog, so make sure you click on the link to read their interviews.

Anja Jane, Canada 

“I love my notebook. The quality is really amazing, and I love the textured feeling of the outer cover. I use it to make notes for my ukulele songs and yoga sequences. It’s definitely a special notebook that I will keep for reference for years to come.”

Arkane, France

“I appreciate the surface of the paper, quite smooth and thick enough to receive the strokes of my 2B–8B pencils. Aesthetically, I appreciate the antique design on the cover, because I’ve always been attracted to old things. This point makes the contents of the book match even better with the design.”

Pictured here: Arkane and his Nocturnelle art journal. Photos courtesy of the artist.

Constanze Guhr, Germany

“I completely filled my Paperblanks notebook through the last year with paintings and illustrations. It is just perfect for that because of its smooth and quite thick paper. And I also like the size.”

Fernando Lobo, Portugal

“A day doesn’t go by when I don’t draw or paint. Even when I go out for a walk on the beach or for a coffee, my Paperblanks notebook and pen are always there. I love Paperblanks because each book has its own character and the paper is perfect, the pen just glides over the paper. I love the beautiful design of each cover.”

Pictured here: Fernando Lobo’s sketchbooks. Photos courtesy of the artist.

Francisco Palomares, USA

“I enjoy the weight of the paper, its cream tone, and soft texture. My favorite feature is that it has a pocket. I love saving little notes that I would look at for many years to come.”

Jessa Dupuis, Canada

“I love my Paperblanks! The cover is beautiful, the pages are creamy and smooth, and the binding is superb (it lays mostly flat!). I use mine to collect my favourite song lyrics, record (and remember) daily inspirations and those quick bursts of creative ideas and thoughts. I have no doubt other creatives will enjoy these well-considered journals.”

Lorena Campillo, Mexico

“I like my Paperblanks because it’s always there, reliable and strong on the outside, a witness to my writing, notes, drawings, client requests, drafts, and the occasional shopping list. Fits perfectly in my hand and my handbag, and it feels loved from the moment it was created: from the paper to the finishing and design, it brings beauty and function to my days. We are a perfect match.”

Natoya Ellis, Canada

“My favourite thing about the Paperblanks notebooks is their size. They are small enough to carry around easily. They are also quite durable and also great for almost any medium. I love to create watercolour sketches while out on my walks and found the pages held the watercolour without ripping. But most of all the covers of the books are exquisite and ornate.”

What about you? We’d love to hear what you like about your Paperblanks notebooks. Let us know in the comments section.


  1. Hello,
    i would be interested in carnets with Tamara Lempicka paintings
    Do ever try to approach the family who delivered the rights to use Tamara paintings
    That would be fantastic

    • Hi Americo, thank you so much for the suggestion. That’s a fantastic idea! I’ll pass it along to our Art Director.


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