In the last couple of months, we have been witnessing history as this unprecedented global situation unravels. Many of us are turning to our journals for comfort or a simple distraction. While we strive to find a creative outlet to document the story of life during a pandemic, that doesn’t always mean the thoughts will flow right out! To help you process the emotions you might experience as you try to figure out your place in this new normal, here are 10 writing prompts designed to provoke introspection.

Pictured here: Shah journal
  • Keep a diary of your emotions during confinement.
  • Record your thoughts on how your life has changed.
  • Use personal narrative to tell funny or heartwarming stories. 
  • Write poetry inspired by your experience.
  • Record your favourite baking recipes.
Pictured here: Maya Blue journal
  • Write a letter to the editor of a news magazine or editorial column in response to recent headlines.
  • Write reviews on movies, TV shows or music you have recently discovered. 
  • Write a How To guide of some new skill you have mastered.
  • Illustrate a comic strip.
  • Write an interview with family members or friends in isolation, about how this has affected them.


  • Write about all the things you are grateful for.
Pictured here: Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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