Like any new positive habit, consistency is the key to success.

October is the month for Inktober – bringing with it even more reasons to stay indoors with your favourite sketchbook. Whether you’ve decided to take on this year’s drawing challenge daily, every two days (half marathon) or posting once a week (5k), picking up your pen on the regular will help you get the most out of this annual event!

As we near the finishing line, with the end of October drawing closer, we’ve made sure to put together a few tips on staying motivated. Check out these five ways to keep the inspiration flowing and hit your creative goals this Inktober.

1. Set Aside Short Bursts of Time

Channel those bursts of creativity by scheduling in realistic time frames for your inspiration to flourish. If your creativity extends past your time slot then feel free to flow with it, but if it doesn’t, don’t stress too much, as there’s always the next time slot!

2. Reward Yourself

A great way to increase your motivation during the month is to reward yourself along the way as you hit your goals. This could be anything from sitting down to sketch with a friend to rewarding yourself with your favourite treat after a sketching session.

3. Set the Scene for Creativity

Fix yourself a warm drink, put up your most-loved inspirational quotes, position yourself by a scenic window or head to a bustling coffee shop. Whatever works best for your creativity, try to work with it and see where it may take you.

4. Celebrate Your Victories

If you’re struggling to get those last few illustrations down on paper, think what amazing additions you will have to your online portfolio when you’re finished – and hopefully, it will stand you in good stead for beyond the 31-day challenge!

5. Revisit Your Favourite Artists

When inspiration is waning, there is sometimes nothing better than calling on the artists you find stimulate your creativity. Set aside some time to recharge those artistic batteries and see what may come out on the other side.

And if you’re in need of some more words of encouragement, check out 10 of our favourite inspirational quotes from some legendary artists here.


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