Whether you journal in the morning or after a long day, opening up your journal is one of the best ways to sort through the thoughts, however big or small, that are circling around in your mind. In honour of National Relaxation Day today we thought we would focus on the ways your journal can be a key tool in relaxing your mind.

Create a Happy Place

Your journal doesn’t have to stick to one formula; it can incorporate multiple mediums of expression. Start with creating a designated relaxation page. This can be filled with quotes you love, goals you have, accomplishments, beautiful drawings, pictures of places you’d like to go or people you find inspiring. Images of peaceful scenes, names of songs you find relaxing…the possibilities are endless!

Plan for the Week

Setting aside time to plan out various components of your week not only allows for fewer bumps as the week progresses but helps you to relax as you do it. For example, sitting down on a Sunday to plan out time for work, social events and meals you’d like to prep, as well as plotting out time for exercise and journalling, will help you to feel more positive and relaxed for the week ahead.

Slow Down

We have talked many times about the act of writing and the role it plays in connecting to your thoughts. But it can also help to slow down your thinking and allow for a deeper sense of mindfulness. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day, spending time with your journal will help you to relax with your thoughts and strengthen your awareness and your insight.

What are your favourite ways to relax with your journal?


  1. I have ideas for stories and desire to combine it with my art project someday BUT I am not gifted with writing for sure.
    Recently I started writing in my journal about ideas, my days and thoughts in indirect way, like writing in a form of story and essay. And I LOVE it! Now my journaling satisfies my creative cravings, too!

    • That makes us so happy to hear! Sometimes writing in your journal can be a great way to open yourself up to new creative endeavours, without any pressure 🙂


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