Our Peek Insideā€¦ series takes a look inside people’s personal journals to celebrate their imagination and inspire others.

This month we’re taking a look the manga- and tattoo art-influenced sketchbooks of Sabrina:

My name is Sabrina and I’m a twenty-year-old media designer from Bavaria. I discovered my first Paperblanks journal in a bookstore and fell in love instantly. I’ve always wanted a sketchbook that I can fill up with drawings, and I’m still at the beginning of my Paperblanks journal.

My style changes weekly because I don’t have that much time to draw. Every page looks a bit different. Most of the time I just sketch with a pencil, but I also like to draw with markers and colouring pencils. A few years ago I worked digitally only, but this was in my school age when I had ten hours or more a day for my hobby. With a full-time job I got back into pencils and my Paperblanks sketchbook.

When I was younger I started with manga then I tried closer-to-reality drawings, but that wasn’t really my style. Now I’m drawing on a mix of influences for my recent work, but I’m still not at the level where I want to be. I adore the style of tattoo artists; their whole way of drawing the high details and shadows. I prefer the exaggeration of the human body in details like hair, eyes and the female form.


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