We love seeing the amazing vacations Paperblanks® journals get to go on! Diane recently took her Embellished Manuscripts Gandhi, Right Against Might journal with her to Ireland. Reflecting on her travels, Diane writes:

I was in Kinsale, Ireland visiting Charles Fort. This is one of Ireland’s most interesting sights with a beautiful view to the sea. Although much of the fort is now in ruins, it is still a fascinating place to visit. It’s not difficult to imagine what a dangerous and active place it must have been in the past.

As I explored the fort I listened to the gentle wind and watched the impressive cliffs of Kinsale, and I felt alive. I have to put moments like these down in words, so that’s why I always have my Paperblanks® journal with me when I travel abroad. While reading my entries again and having a look at the photos, I can take some sweet memories from the past back to present again.

You can see more photos of Diane’s travels and impressive Paperblanks® collection by visiting her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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