With June well and truly underway, not only does it bring us halfway through the year but it also presents a great occasion to reflect on how far you’ve come, celebrate special memories, and cultivate new ones.

Whether you’re heading for a city getaway, sunny island hopping or staycationing by the lake, the long sunlit hours are filled with opportunities to seize the moment.

To help you make the most of the summer season, we’ve put together 10 new journalling prompts:

  1. Describe your perfect summer weekend. How can you make it happen?
  2. What are three accomplishments you’re most proud of so far this year?
  3. What are your top three priorities this summer?
  4. List five things you’re grateful for that have happened so far this year.
  5. What aspects of summer do you sometimes take for granted?
  6. Identify one thing you’ve been avoiding. How can you address it this summer?
  7. Describe your ideal day. How can you make your daily life more like your ideal?
  8. Choose an affirmation that feels right for summer.
  9. Make a summer travel bucket list. Describe the things you would like to see, eat, and experience in each place.
  10. When the end of summer rolls around I will be happy if…


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