Step back in time and discover the wisdom of a treasured literary era.

Poets of Persia’s Golden Age created one of the world’s most important bodies of literature. The rich poetic scenes, alive with moral thought and practical wisdom, influenced generations of writers across the globe. The beauty of the prose was paralleled by the masterfully intricate bindings that held the works.

This design is inspired by a 17th-century binding that originally housed the Bustan, a pivotal work by Persian author Saadi Shīrāzī (1210–1291). Born in Shiraz, Iran, he was known by his pen name Saadi and nicknamed “The Master of Speech” among fellow Persian scholars for the quality of his writing and the depth of his social and ethical principles. The strength of his writing not only impacted Persian literature but also influenced the use of Persian language in everyday life.

Pictured here: The Orchard bookmark (coming soon) and hardcover journals

The Bustan (known in English as The Orchard) is one of Saadi’s two best-known works. Written entirely in verse, the stories within are abundant in contemplative thought and philosophies.

Today the historic binding can be found in the British Library. With its delicate botanical patterns, this design reflects the fruits of Saadi’s wisdom.

The Orchard is available as a grande, ultra, midi, and mini hardcover journal and a guest book.


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