We took a tour of New York City’s skyline with our New York Deco series, first launched in Fall 2021. That season, we introduced The Chanin Spiral, which highlighted details from an Art Deco ventilator grille found in the Chanin Building.

Described in an original brochure as the “mise en scène for the romantic drama of American business,” this midtown Manhattan landmark was built by developer Irwin S. Chanin in the late 1920s. Today, its magnificent lobby is a major draw for architecture aficionados. Ornately adorned with bronze grilles representing some of the finest Art Deco in the city, the lobby was modernly styled around a “City of Opportunity” concept.

Pictured here: The Chanin Rise hardcover journal in ultra (front cover), midi (back cover, shown upside down) and mini (front cover)

For Fall 2023, we’ve gone back to the iconic architectural design of the Chanin Building for The Chanin Rise. For this new release, our graphic artists kept the style of the original design, but this time chose to use a bronze effect, rather than the yellow gold of The Chanin Spiral. In both cases, the intricate metal details shine in contrast to the background shadows, playing against the soft and rough textures of the cover and spine.

Pictured here: The Chanin Spiral and The Chanin Rise hardcover journals


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