A journal is a daily diary, right? Well, yes, but it can also be so much more!

Our line of creative tools and stationery items are all designed to inspire your self-expression. So whether you like to keep a record of your life, set goals for the future or hone your art skills, there are all kinds of uses for your Paperblanks products!

Pictured here: Blue Velvet slim hardcover journal

Here are seven ideas you may not have tried yet:

  • Wanderlust Journal – A travel journal doesn’t have to be only about trips you have already taken. Turn your daydreams into actual travel plans in a wanderlust journal. Keep track of cool travel ideas, postcards from far-off lands and anything else that may inspire your future adventures.
  • Book of Lists – With a dot-grid interior, a bullet journal is the perfect place to create a list. Whether tracking your to-dos, restaurants you want to try or favourite dog names for a future pet, a book of lists can be both organizational and inspiring! Our dot-grid planners also have index pages and page numbers, so you can easily find the list you’re looking for.
  • Nature Journal – Make notes, create sketches or take photos of the changing seasons in your hometown. You may be surprised by all the wonders that lie in your own backyard! For inspiration, check out James Soloman’s story in the Borneo Bulletin of how he turned nature journalling into a favourite family pastime.
  • Book Reviews – Address books are designed for storing contact information, but they can be used for so much more! With a series of alphabetical entries, you can use an address book to keep track of all the books you read. Remember the author, main character and your favourite quotes from the book, and easily find the entry for future reference.
  • Theme Journal – Our cover designs come from all eras and cultures, representing a diverse range of artistic expression. We recently heard from a member of the People of Paperblanks community who chose our Freud Embellished Manuscript journal to use for their dream journal, and we loved how they matched the story behind the cover of the journal with how they intended to use it. If you are an avid journaller, sketcher or writer, choosing a theme for each notebook that is inspired by the cover art is a great way to not only organize your journals, but take your expressive output to new realms!
  • Language Journal – Learning a new language takes practice, both written and oral. Keep a notebook with you to practice your language learning when you’re on the go by trying to translate any signs or writing you see throughout your day. You can also write out your lessons in your notebook and soon you’ll have your own pocket reference book!
  • Jewellery Case – We may call them pencil cases, but these special boxes can be used to store all kinds of things! Choose a design that suits your decor and personal aesthetic, and fill it with your favourite treasures. They will look great while on display and be held secure with the magnetic closure when on the go.
Pictured here: Mischievous Creatures pencil case

How do you use your Paperblanks products?


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