In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month we recently ran a giveaway on Instagram inviting our followers to share their tips for prioritizing mental wellness as part of their entry submission. We were so moved to read all the responses and are grateful to our community for opening up and sharing from their personal experiences.

We know that not everyone uses Instagram, so we’ve compiled some of the top responses here on the blog to help you find some new ways to take care of your own health and wellness this month (and always)!

  • Try to set a consistent sleep schedule to make sure you are adequately rested – bedtime rituals like a warm bath or cup of tea can be a great way to wind down for the night
  • Find someone you can talk to, whether that is a friend, family member, mentor, online community or mental health professional
  • Physical and mental health walk hand-in-hand, so try to get exercise each day (even if it’s just walking your dog or doing some stretches before bed)
  • Be kind and respectful to yourself, and just remember we are all human and doing our best
  • Get outside and take time in nature
  • Know your personal boundaries and enforce them when you need to protect yourself (especially when it comes to your work-life balance)
  • Let loose and be in the moment through dance, music, singing, painting, sculpting or other forms of expression
  • Know that mental health is a lifelong endeavour so some days will be easier than others
  • Practice mindfulness exercises like journalling, yoga and meditation to help be present in the moment and get in touch with your inner voice
  • Find a hobby – like crocheting, puzzling or playing pickleball – that you enjoy that allows you to set aside some dedicated “me” time
  • Trick your brain into releasing dopamine and serotonin by smiling, even if you need to force it
  • Do something nice for someone else or volunteer in your community and you will not only help someone else but feel a boost of self-esteem in doing so
  • Set small, manageable goals for yourself to accomplish something every day
  • Take a deep breath
  • And, most importantly, do what feels right for you!

These are the highlights but head on over to Instagram to check out the original post here for all the suggestions. And let us know in the comments if you think there’s anything we’ve missed!


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