Charming wildflowers and weeds are given a voice in our Wild Thistle design, featuring the work of celebrated Art Nouveau illustrator Anton Seder (1850–1916).

This piece originates from Seder’s seminal 1890 publication, Die Pflanze in Kunst und Gewerbe, or The Plant in Art and Trade, which contains two volumes of stunning prints gracefully depicting elements of nature, such as the elegant thistle on this cover.

Pictured here: Wild Thistle softcover Flexi notebook

The sinuous lines and naturalistic details are a signature of the Art Nouveau style, but Seder made his own mark on the genre by bringing in Victorian, Baroque and even Japanese woodblock inspirations.

It was Seder’s harmonious use of space, plethora of details and candid depiction of natural elements that drew us to this unique piece.

Pictured here: Wild Thistle softcover Flexi notebook and Endpaper

Our Wild Thistle design is available as an ultra, midi and mini softcover Flexi notebook.


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