Described by many as a “latter-day Leonardo,” Sandy Cockerell represented a tradition of high-quality bookbinding and unique marbled paper design.

He took this painstaking handicraft tradition and found a way to produce the decorative papers at high speeds and volumes. Reproduced here is one of these iconic marbled papers.

Pictured here: Rubedo hardcover journal

When we first launched the Paperblanks brand back in 1992, it was the iconic decorative papers from Cockerell and Son Bindery that we turned to as one of our foundational journal covers.

Now, over 30 years after that first release, we are honoured to bring a Cockerell design back to our collection.

Pictured here: Rubedo hardcover journal

Beyond the aesthetic beauty, what makes Cockerell marbled paper so special is that every piece is a unique original.

Like katagami stencils, one must essentially destroy the pattern template to complete a new print, so when the same pattern is duplicated multiple times, it will slightly alter and evolve with subsequent printing.

Pictured here: Rubedo hardcover journal showing the back pocket and endpaper design story

Our Rubedo design is available as an ultra, midi and mini hardcover journal and a canvas bag.


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