Gaze into the cosmos with this astral-inspired pattern. Like an exploding supernova, the gold tooling and embellishments burst off the surface of our Midnight Star design.

A brilliant 16th-century Cairo workshop is responsible for this 12-pointed star design. Though the atelier’s name has been lost to history, the detailed pattern and fine materials used show why books from that workshop were so highly prized.

Pictured here: Midnight Star ultra hardcover journal

The leather used for this gold embellished cover would have been imported from the Arabian Peninsula or North African Maghreb. And though the name of the original atelier has been lost to history, the detailed and intricate pattern adorning these fine materials shows why books from this workshop were – and continue to be – so highly prized.

This fine binding was likely originally crafted to hold a book of high importance, such as the Koran, and today brings its majesty to your own thoughts or artwork. Truly a wonder of the ancient world, Midnight Star invites you to be taken back to the glory days of Egyptian bookbinding arts.

Today the original binding can be found at the Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Pictured here: Spine details of Midnight Star


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