This is a very special year for us here at Paperblanks. 2022 marks our 30th anniversary, which means we’ve been inspiring creativity, empowering individuality and celebrating special moments for three decades!

And what a perfect opportunity it is to look back at all we’ve achieved in our library of designs. We’ve reached into our archives to pull out cover art from our earliest days to share with you. Over the years we’ve featured cover art from all eras and cultures, from medieval manuscripts to digital collages.

From 1992 to today, we have always strived to showcase unique pieces of world art in an unexpected format – the journal.

So, take a trip down memory lane with us and see if you can spot any designs you have in your own personal archives!

Paperblanks Botanicals: 1992

Era: 18th century
Region: Germany
One of our very first Paperblanks journal collections featured 18th-century botanical illustrations by Georg Dionysius (17081770) on the covers. Ever since then, we have been in love with the idea of combining the beauty of nature with journalling.

Tiffany Leaded Glass: Spring 2010

Era: 1904
Region: New York, United States
Our Tiffany Leaded Glass series reproduced stained glass art created by Louis Comfort Tiffany at the turn of the 20th century.

Mucha Collection: Spring 2012

Era: Art Nouveau Movement
Region: Paris
Franceur Mucha Collection featured a range of the famed Art Nouveau artist’s posters and panels, including Winter Child (from his Four Seasons series) and Tiger Lily (Plate 33 from his Documents Décoratifs).

Keats, To Autumn: Spring 2013

Era: 1819
Region: England
Keats, To Autumn journal from our Embellished Manuscripts Collection. It is one of the most highly regarded pieces of English literature and yet marks the end of Keats’ brief poetic career.

Autumn Symphony: Fall 2015

Era: 1876
Region: France
Our Autumn Symphony series was based on the work of Henri Francois Victor Marius Michel (1846–1925), who, along with his father, Jean Michel (1821–1890), founded the 20th-century French school of binding.


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