As part of our 30th birthday celebrations, we’re sharing a peek behind the scenes and introducing some of the people who help bring our products to life. Check out the Paperblanks30 tag for more special anniversary content!

Tell Us a Bit About Yourself

First Name: James

When you joined the Paperblanks team: April 2018

Role at Paperblanks: Sales Director, Americas

Journal you’re currently using: The Chanin Spiral, New York Deco

Passions: I love art and have been lucky to work in an industry very closely associated with the arts my entire career. I love design, architecture, and have a passionate and broad appreciation for music and food.

Pictured here: The Chanin Spiral hardcover journal

What is your favourite Paperblanks cover art or product of all time, and why? 

Lang’s Fairy Books, Olive Fairy is one of my favourites as it encapsulates every aspect of what makes a Paperblanks journal special. At its heart it is a beautiful image, but it is the combination of the book’s history, stature within the English canon and almost perfect replication of the original cover treatment that make it stand out.

What makes you want to be a part of the Paperblanks team and help bring our products to the world?

As someone who believes art plays a role in the betterment of people’s lives it’s my pleasure to tell the stories that exist behind the image on every cover of a Paperblanks journal. Our covers aren’t chosen simply because they are pretty but rather because they are important, as is made clear in regard to the cultural institutions that lend us their most precious collected artifacts. Every image on our covers tells a story. Be it an iconic artwork, artifact, textile, manuscript or otherwise, each strives for that connection only art can make.

What is one thing people might not know about Paperblanks the company?

I think people don’t realize that prior to the creation of the very first Paperblanks journal the original owners published a broad spectrum of non-fiction titles that carry on in print to this day.

Where do you hope to see Paperblanks go over the next 30 years?

While never losing its soul, and iconic look and feel, I believe Paperblanks will broaden its product offerings and be able to incorporate more contemporary designs, widening our audience and connecting with an entirely new group of followers seeking a connection to the arts.

Thanks for sharing and being a part of the Paperblanks family, James!


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