As part of our 30th birthday celebrations, we’re sharing a peek behind the scenes and introducing some of the people who help bring our products to life. Check out the Paperblanks30 tag for more special anniversary content!

Tell Us a Bit About Yourself

First Name: Maren

When you joined the Paperblanks team: July 2020

Role at Paperblanks: Sales Operations & Team Leader EMEA Markets

Journal you’re currently using: Fiamma Mini Lined

Passions: Travelling, creative writing, reading, arts & crafts (macramé/crochet), music, outdoors

Pictured here: Safavid Indigo hardcover journal and bookmark

What is your favourite Paperblanks cover art or product of all time, and why?

There are so many amazing designs to choose from, but one of my favorite designs is Safavid and our new Safavid Indigo. It reminds me of faraway exotic places and a culture steeped in rich history, myths, and legends which I find very intriguing.

My favourite product is our new canvas bags. I use the Holland Spring bag on a daily basis for shopping or just going out for a coffee or meeting friends, because it’s durable and super spacious and it just looks fun.

Pictured here: Holland Spring canvas bag

What makes you want to be a part of the Paperblanks team and help bring our products to the world?

I love how we at Paperblanks transform an everyday item like a notebook into something special and inspiring. Every time I take out my notebook I get excited to write, even if it’s just something mundane like a grocery shopping list. I feel like our designs and covers can brighten up a day and make it special.

What is one thing people might not know about Paperblanks the company?

We at Paperblanks have a very diverse and open work environment which I enjoy very much. I get to work with people from all over the world, sharing ideas and creating something beautiful.

Where do you hope to see Paperblanks go over the next 30 years?

Of course, to become the leading stationery company and inspire even more people to be creative in their lives.

Thanks for sharing and being a part of the Paperblanks family, Maren!


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