The design reproduced on our Turquoise Chronicles cover originally hails from the Salel Binder in Paris. The book was published in the early 16th century, when Paris was a flourishing centre of the publishing trade.

Pictured here: Turquoise Chronicles midi softcover Flexi notebook

Turquoise Chronicles features an especially fine example of French gold tooling. Formed in a graceful, flowing ornament of interlaced arabesques and delicate dots, it shows hints of its Eastern influences and of the decorative styles that would soon emerge in the ateliers of other French binders.

Pictured here: Turquoise Chronicles mini and midi notebooks on top of an ultra format showing the back pocket and endpaper story

Turquoise Chronicles was originally released in Summer 2018 as a hardcover journal, and in addition to this new softcover Flexi notebook, the series also includes a guest book and address book.


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